This is a highly specific and complex treatment which aims to rectify severely worn and discoloured teeth. In this type of treatment, it may become necessary to restore every tooth in the mouth, but the ultimate result of a full mouth reconstruction is optimal health of the entire mouth; including the teeth, the gums and the bite.



Porcelain Veneers are the ultimate in Cosmetic Dentistry, and at Croxley Dental Clinic, Watford, our dentists will strive to give you the perfect smile. Dental Veneers are small laminates of porcelain which are placed on top of your existing teeth.  They are used to change the appearance of your teeth and are perfect for:

Porcelain Veneers are very thin but become very strong due to the bonding process.  The result is a beautiful, natural smile. Porcelain Veneer treatment can be a very complex treatment depending on the number of teeth that are to be veneered. Our dentist must be sure that the final appearance is aesthetically pleasing and meets your expectations. To that end, a mock design of the veneers is made on models of your existing teeth. The design work, called a Wax Up, is what we will use to create your trial smile.  It will also give you an idea what your new smile will look like before any treatment commences.  Once you are happy with the wax up, the next stage is when we prepare the teeth, take impressions and give you your trial smile.  You will wear this trial smile for a short period, after which we will ask for your feedback about your smile.  Any changes you want made can be done on this appointment.  The final veneers will be fitted after this and reviewed to ensure you are comfortable with the bite and happy with the appearance.

Pricing for Veneers
The fee for Porcelain Veneer treatment at Croxley dental Clinic, Watford depends on a few factors.  It depends on the type of Veneers you choose, the amount you require and if other treatment is needed. Therefore, we carry out a full assessment first.  From this we make sure your mouth is healthy for the treatment, advise if another treatment is more suitable and inform you of any treatment you may need elsewhere in your mouth.  We will never carry out any Cosmetic Treatment on a patient if the foundations are not healthy.  We want you to be happy with your treatment and for it to last you a long time.